The Gold Standard in Hair Transplantation

The refined surgical procedure known as “follicular unit hair transplantation” means transplanting hair in “follicular unit groupings” of one, two, three and four hairs, just like in its natural occurrence. Applying it was possible due to high power magnification, allowing surgeons to properly visualise the follicular units in the donor area.
The exclusive usage of follicular units for hair transplants was introduced by Dr. Robert Bernstein, and described in “Follicular Transplantation”, a collaborative work with Dr. Rassman. Though difficult to perform, this refined technique came to be known as the gold standard in hair transplantation.
Linear grafting was also introduced in 1995, a surgical tool that can duplicate the shape of the laser slot. However, it does not hinder blood flow by sealing up the vessels and also offers flexibility in angling the transplants, allowing the surgeon to lay the hairs in the most natural growth direction.
Thus, linear grafting offers a series of advantages: natural appearance, predictable healing and rapid growth, as well as a superior density, at a lower cost for the patient and less labour for the surgeon, that is cost effective good results.

Table of Contents:
Hair Loss Treatment in the 19th Century
A Japanese Discovery
The Beginnings of Hair Transplantation in Western medicine
Minigrafts and Micrografts
Laser Hair Transplants
The Gold Standard in Hair Transplantation