Stem cell study could yield cure for baldness

Having successfully used "blank slate" stem cells to help bald mice grow hair, researchers say the implant technique could lead to a cure for human baldness.
In a study posted on the Web site of the journal Nature Technology in advance of its April publication date, scientists confirm a long-held suspicion: that hair follicles contain the "blank slate" stem cells.
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania identified stem cells in the hair follicles of mice. When transplanted into skin, they grew into hair follicles.
"We've shown for the first time these cells have the ability to generate hair when taken from one animal and put into another," co-author Dr. George Cotsarelis told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.
According to the University of Pennsylvania dermatologist, the project marks the first time such stem cells have been used to successfully induce hair growth.
"You can envision a process of isolating existing stem cells and re-implanting them in the areas where guys are bald."
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